Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Updated Craft and Decorating Supplies

*old pair of hiking boots
*scrap lumber (1"x '2'approx)
*aluminum pie tins or take-out containers
*paper towel & tp tubes
*1-1 1/2" PVC tubes, 2-3' long

*firewood logs
*lg. pinecones
*sm. pinecones
*palm-sized rocks
*quarter-sized rocks
*natural materials, such as pods, sprigs, nuts
*fairly straight twigs (3-4")

*12 oz. bottles of water (one for each camper)
*contact paper
*1/2" googly eyes
*1" grosgrain ribbon in 1 yd. lengths
*26-28 gauge wire
*2-3 bags of play sand

To Borrow during VBS week
*5 laundry baskets
*artificial Christmas trees (no bigger than 9')
*fire pit (for looks only!)
*hiking boots (esp. size 8 mens or 9 womens)
*fishing vests, hats and short poles
*needle-nosed pliers
*wire snips
*small canoe
*red/black plaid blankets
*red/white plaid tablecoths
*mounted antlers
*taxidermied fish
*stuffed woodland animals (bears, racoons, skunks, owls, moose, squirrels)

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